I'm a photographer based in South West England. 

With a degree in Marine and Natural History Photography and a life long obsession with the National Geographic, it's clear why I love what I do. My camera goes everywhere with me. I don't always use it but I can't bear the thought of missing out on the perfect photographic opportunity. 

My style is an amalgamation of documentary, photojournalism and travel.


I get excited by rough, crumbly street scenes the most - scenes that tell a story and really capture
a sense of place. 

Also a painter - I enjoy capturing colours, shapes and patterns with my camera to create fine art images.

​I strongly believe that it doesn’t matter if a photograph is technically perfect, or whether it is taken with the best camera. BUT, every single part of the composition must be taken into consideration when taking the shot, making sure that the timing is perfect to capture that exact moment in time.

“To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance
of an event”. Henri Cartier Bresson


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